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Un être, un acte, un objet, un lieu

Aurélien Mole, Éric Tabuchi - Un être, un acte, un objet, un lieu
An attempt to explain the reason for the dimensions of a photographic image, of a print (the book is illustrated with works from the collection of the FRACs of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region laid out in their respective scale ratios).
Photography and cinematography are methods of expression inherited from the Industrial Revolution which never entail the audience's consideration of the original, but rather draw its attention solely to copies, print-outs and duplicates. Un être, un acte, un objet, un lieu (A Being, An Act, An Object, A Location) attempts to explain the how and why of the scale and dimensions of a photograph or a print-out to children and curious ones alike. This publication is illustrated by works from the FRAC collection (Nouvelle-Aquitaine), organized together across the pages in relation to their true comparative sizes in real life.
Aurelien Mole is a French artist, art critic and curator, he lives in Paris and is also the co-founder of Postdocument.
French artist-photographer of Danish-Japanese origin, Eric Tabuchi (born 1959) questions contemporary industrial culture through the signs that mark its landscape and determine its language.
Edited by Aurélien Mole et Éric Tabuchi.
Text by Aurélien Mole.

Graphic design: Ninon Chaboud & Jimmy Cintero.
published in December 2021
French edition
16,2 x 19,6 cm (hardcover)
88 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 979-10-96155-22-4
EAN : 9791096155224
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