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Aesthetic Theory

 - Aesthetic Theory
There is no theory that is not aesthetic.
There is no theory that is not aesthetic in a certain way. Adorno, too, did not understand his aesthetic theory simply as a theory of the aesthetic, but was aware of the aesthetic implications of theory. At the same time we have to do with aesthetic objects and events in which an aesthetic theory is inherent, which show themselves as art. So from both sides—theory and aesthetics—a link can be made to the etymological meaning of θεωρία (theōria), which understands the theoretical as a seeing or perspective. The book examines this link and simultaneity, focusing equally on the aesthetic implications of theory and the theoretical implications of aesthetic events.
Edited by Dieter Mersch, Sylvia Sasse, Sandro Zanetti.
Texts by Frauke Berndt, Elisabeth Bronfen, Sandra Frimmel, Julia Gelshorn & Tristan Weddigen, Fabienne Liptay, Dieter Mersch, Klaus Müller-Wille, Barbara Naumann, Boris Previšić, Dorota Sajewska, Sylvia Sasse, Rahel Villinger, Benno Wirz, Sandro Zanetti.
published in October 2019
English edition
11,8 x 19 cm (softcover)
256 pages
ISBN : 978-3-0358-0146-0
EAN : 9783035801460
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