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The Furious Hamster

Keren Cytter - The Furious Hamster
The last in a trilogy of children's books, this publication tells the story of a hamster stuck between the pages of a book. Wishing to escape to discover the animal farm, he will find the help of his own fleas. A story about caring and learning, by artist Keren Cytter.
The Furious Hamster, is part of a series of three books. The first opus The Curious Squirrel (Pork Salad Press, 2015), written by Keren Cytter more than ten years ago, tells the story of a baby squirrel that is asked by its mother Mrs Fox to go and buy some milk at the local grocery store. On the way the curious squirrel meets the Beggar Rabbit, the Notorious Junky Goose, Mrs Donkey, and Mr Elephant, among others. This is how the story begins, and it continues with the second book The Brutal Turtle. Lost in the desert he will meet Miss Mole and the same strange creatures as the little squirrel in the previous volume. The story continues with the third edition entitled The Furious Hamster.
Keren Cytter (born 1977 in Tel Aviv, lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin) is an Israeli visual artist and filmaker.
Her topics often include love stories, violence, sex and murder. She applies a non-linear narrative, the stories often shot with a hand-held camera. The actors—amateurs and friends of the artist, but more recently professional actors—switch roles with each other, or read their stage directions out loud. Scenes are repeated, but with a different course of events, with voiceovers or alternative dialogues. The films are usually set in simply-furnished apartments, especially the kitchen regions, suggesting a connection to kitchen sink realism. The literary tone of the dialogue, however, is far from realistic. “Instead the films are deliberate hybrids between seemingly incompatible genres, between home videos and auteur films in the spirit of the French nouvelle vague, between Dogme and docu-soap or sitcom. But her films are above all existential dramas about the human condition, about love and hate in our thoroughly medialised age" (Magnus af Petersens).
Keren Cytter has rapidly established herself internationally as one of the most interesting and unique artists on the contemporary art scene. At the mere age of 33, in the last years she has produced more than 50 video works, written three novels and an opera libretto, started the dance and theatre company D.I.E. Now, won awards and is the darling of the art press. Her critically acclaimed film works and drawings have been exhibited in leading institutions throughout Europe and North America, including the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig (Vienna), KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin), the Museum of Modern Art (Dublin), and the Whitney Museum of American Art (New York). She has also participated in prestigious international exhibitions such as the 9e Biennale de Lyon, Manifesta 7 (Trento), the Yokohama Triennale of 2008, and the Venice Biennale 2009.

See also Poetic Series (edited by Keren Cytter); Keren Cytter Does Not Like to Share – A one-sided account by Mathilde Supe.
Published with Pork Salad Press, Copenhague.
published in July 2018
English edition
15,1 x 15,1 cm (softcover)
56 pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 978-87-91409-96-7
EAN : 9788791409967
in stock
The Furious Hamster The Furious Hamster The Furious Hamster The Furious Hamster The Furious Hamster The Furious Hamster The Furious Hamster The Furious Hamster

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