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Les VasarelyptiquesVolume 3

Victor Vasarely - Les Vasarelyptiques
The ultimate original portfolios conceived by Vasarely himself—some high quality prints made in 1977—and a set of original documents (1954-2013), gathered in an exclusive and luxurious box whose design falls within the vein of the artist's work.
Limited edition of 1000 copies.

See also volumes 1 and 2 (the three volumes are available in a “collector” box set published in a limited edition).
Victor Vasarely (1906, Pécs, Hungary - 1997, Paris) is a unique artist in the history of twentieth century art. Famous during his lifetime, he distinguished himself from contemporary art with the creation of a new movement: optical art. The evolution of his life of work is inherently coherent, progressing from graphic art to the artist's determination to promote a social art that is accessible to all.

See also Marcel Joray: Vasarely.
Texts by Victor Vasarely, Michel Seuphor.
published in October 2013
French edition
27,5 x 27,5 cm (box set)
24 prints (portfolio) + 5 prints (documents)
ISBN : 978-2-88006-047-3
EAN : 9782880060473
in stock
Les Vasarelyptiques Les Vasarelyptiques Les Vasarelyptiques

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