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Public Works 1996-2011

Public Works 1996-2011 Beat Streuli - Public Works 1996-2011
Reference monograph.
This monograph is a survey of Beat Streuli's oeuvre of the last 15 years, which includes billboards and large-scale window installations on the facades of public buildings, and a selection of his installations of slide and video projections. Streuli by Streuli: an extensive image sequence mostly taken by the artist himself documents Streuli's rejection of the classic museum exhibition context. Instead he takes the photographs back to their place of origin—public space.
With newly commissioned texts by Raymond Bellour, Roberta Valtorta, and Jonathan Watkins.
Swiss artist Beat Streuli (born 1957 in Altdorf, lives and works in Zurich, Brussels and Dusseldorf) takes the urban environment and its inhabitants as the central motif of his work. His photographs are neither documentary nor conceptual: rather they lead us to a form of aesthetics that one could describe as the "glamour of the usual."
Texts by Raymond Bellour, Roberta Valtorta, Jonathan Watkins.
published in March 2012
English edition
23,7 x 28,6 cm (softcover)
160 pages (85 color ill. and 17 b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-03764-206-1
EAN : 9783037642061
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Public Works 1996-2011 Public Works 1996-2011 Public Works 1996-2011
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