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When contemporary fiction meets art.
Commissioned by La Maison rouge–Fondation Antoine de Galbert, a member of the FACE Association (Foundation of Arts for a Contemporary Europe), Emmanuelle Pagano, a renowned young French author, drew her inspiration from Franz Kafka's short story "Investigations of a Dog" (1922) to write "The Cancellation," or the unlikely encounter of two people who are worlds apart.
This new short story also echoes the artworks—reproduced in the book—by the 36 international artists of the touring exhibition "Investigations of a Dog" organized by FACE in 2009–2011.
Four other short stories—especially written for the project by Aristide Antonas, Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Rui Cardoso Martins, and Tiziano Scarpa—and an exhibition catalogue are published simultaneously.
Works by Virginie Barré, Philippe Bazin, Mircea Cantor, Maurizio Cattelan, Roberto Cuoghi, Marc Dion, Urs Fischer, Fischli & Weiss, Claire Fontaine, Thomas Hirschhorn, Kimsooja, Jeff Koons, Sherrie Levine, Paul McCarthy, Cady Noland, Martin Parr, Kara Walker...
See also FACE – Investigations of a Dog (the exhibition catalogue, in which Emmanuelle Pagano's short story is translated into English).
Emmanuelle Pagano (*1969) is a French writer who lives in the South of France. She graduated in Fine Arts and focused on the field of cinema aesthetics. She has written seven books since 2002. Her most recent, "L'absence d'oiseaux d'eau," was published in 2010. She especially favors the short story format. She has won several literary prizes. Her novels have been translated into German, Italian, and Spanish.
published in February 2011
French edition
10,5 x 16,5 cm (softcover)
64 pages (31 color ill.)
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ISBN : 978-3-03764-172-9
EAN : 9783037641729
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La Décommande La Décommande La Décommande
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