Run/Off is an interdisciplinary project devoted to publishing works by visual artists, composers and writers. Founded in 2014 in New York by Nickolas Mohanna, the imprint produces limited editions that are designed and created in close collaboration with each respective artist.
Marina Rosenfeld - roygbiv&b
English edition
roygbiv&b is Marina Rosenfeld's first book publication, documenting her eponymous performance for the exhibition Instructions Lab at the MoMA (NY) in 2011, and includes gate-fold renderings of the score pages, a "User's Manual" by the artist, photos from the several performances of the work, and a foreword by musicologist Benjamin Piekut.
Nickolas Mohanna - Sight Drawings (vinyl LP)
Culled from field recordings, sampled orchestral noises, and voice recorders, the new production by New York artist and composer Nickolas Mohanna explores the spatial impressions of sound within a delicate acousmatic language; producing expressionistic collages that translate into wide-screen cinematic terrain.

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