Important Records

Important Records is an American independant label founded by John Brien in 2001. Not overly conceptual, the label focuses on an extraordinarily diverse roster of artists who are neither ephemeral nor trendy and continue to make passionate and evocative music throughout their lives. The character conveyed most often in Important releases isn't style but substance, with a personal and emotional depth that makes the label easy to understand but difficult to explain. Artists including James Blackshaw, Eliane Radigue, Jozef Van Wissem, Catherine Christer Hennix, Duane Pitre, ELEH, Pauline Oliveros, The Thirteenth Assembly, David Rothenberg, Diane Cluck, Acid Mothers Temple, Christina Kubisch, Merzbow and Smegma continue to expand the scope of Important by consistently releasing some of their best work through the label.
5 titles
Pauline Oliveros - Accordion & Voice (vinyl LP)
Pauline Oliveros' first solo recording, available on LP for the first time since it was originally released in 1982.
Pauline Oliveros - The Wanderer (vinyl LP)
An utterly essential document of early American minimalism, available on LP for the first time since it was originally released in 1984. Cut at Golden and pressed at RTI for maximum fidelity.
Alvin Lucier - Out Of Our Hands (vinyl LP)
"Out of Our Hands" brings together Alvin Lucier and Jordan Dykstra who, through the hands of Ordinary Affects, have created debut recordings of two new compositions.
Éliane Radigue - Opus 17 (2 CD)
A major turning-point in the sonic oeuvre of Eliane Radigue.
Ned Lagin - Seastones - Set 4 and Set 5 (vinyl LP)
Originally released by the Grateful Dead's Round Records in 1975, Ned Lagin's Seastones is a pioneering electronic composition interweaving metaphors from nature, science, art and music and the origins of music.

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