Akousis Records

Founded in 2020 by Bertrand Gauguet and based in Saint-Denis (France), Akousis Records is a label dedicated to the new improvised and experimental music. It is also a collaboration with graphic designers Ter Bekke & Behage studio based in Paris and different contemporary artists whose work and abstract drawings are preferred. Each drawing is thought like an echo or a visual reflect of the music.
2 titles
John Tilbury - Contre-Courbes (2 CD)
Two improvised concerts where are woven between the piano and the saxophone subtle games of harmonic textures, appearances of differential sounds, resonances and sometimes some more noisy sequences.
Bertrand Gauguet - Spectre (CD)
Six pieces exploring multi-phonic spaces on the clarinet and alto saxophone, spaces linked to breath and the sonic landscapes developed by the amplification.

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