Persistence of Sound

Persistence of Sound is a British independent record label celebrating musique concrète, field recordings and the sounds in between. Founded in 2019 by composer Iain Chambers, the label is a recognition of the place field recordings have found in our culture, both in their raw state and as compositional material.
 Langham Research Centre - Six Hands at an Open Door (CD)
The concrete, electronic sounds of the Langham Research Centre (here Iain Chambers and Robert Worby) combine with the acoustic qualities of John Butcher's saxophone in an extended improvisation session.
Richard Orton - Hemlock Stone (CD)
Persistence of Sound celebrates the British composer Richard Orton (1940-2013) with a selection of electroacoustic and computer music from across his career.
 The London Sound Survey - From Dusk Till Dawn (CD)
The posthumous album of naturalist field recordings from The London Sound Survey: a sound-journey through the dark in East Anglia, roaming across the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk to places whose sounds have a precarious existence outside the crowded realities of modern everyday life.
Natasha Barrett - Heterotopia (vinyl LP)
Persistence of Sound publishes the new solo record by Natasha Barrett, known internationally for her intense explorations of the movement of sounds through space.
Mark Vernon - A World Behind This World (CD)
Persistence of Sound presents a new album from one of British sound art's most original voices.
Beatriz Ferreyra - Souvenirs cachés / Innermost (vinyl LP)
A split LP from two leading voices in electroacoustic music.
Beatriz Ferreyra - Huellas Entreveradas (vinyl LP)
This vinyl record brings together three pieces that play mischievously with the voice as a sound source, narrative source or diverted object: "Huellas Entreveradas" (2018), "La Baballe du Chien Chien à la Mé-Mère" (2001) and "Deux Dents Dehors" (2007).

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