The fields of art, architecture and design, linked probably today more than in their History, call, to be thought and practiced, for more in-depth theoretical and critical reflections which both “cover” (founding them as disciplines) and “overflow” them. It is up to this “speculative” and creative undertaking, aiming to redefine (and characterise) the foundations and perspectives of these fields, that the french independent publishing house Athom proposes to contribute.
By publishing essays, monographs and albums (illustrated volumes), Athom intends to make each of its editorial projects, whether it is the production of paper opus (book) and/or digital (electronic publication, website), the opportunity for a complete review of its very forms and formats (written/scriptural/enunciative and illustrative, also material/physical, graphic and typographic). In this way, it is bet that from the diversity of ideas thus transcribed, recorded as well as from the plurality of qualities and “features” of the resulting objects, can advance (as by “percolation”) the constitution of an episteme.
5 titles
Michel Guérin - Aménager l\'espace, orner les lieux
French edition
Three texts by Michel Guérin on the notions of ornament and decoration, at the crossroads of theological, anthropological, aesthetic and philosophical considerations.
Anne-Valérie Gasc - Machines Aveugles
French edition
This edition, at the crossroads of the exhibition catalogue and the critical essay, abundantly illustrated, gathers the contributions of about fifteen invited authors around Anne-Valérie Gasc's experiments on the architectural disappearance.
Matali Crasset - Matrices
French edition
Les presses du réel – Architecture / design / graphic design – Design – Misceallenous
Faced with the ecological peril, what can design and archarchitecture itecture do but encourage and accompany modes and ways of living that maintain a renewed relationship with nature? Based on realizations and projects, Matali Crasset and David Bihanic share the writing of this book, seeking together, between testimony and analysis, to characterize a design of matrices.
Marcel Lods - Éduquer à l\'architecture moderne
French edition
Transcripts of unpublished lectures and writings by the French architect-urbanist Marcel Lods (1891-1978).
French edition
An analysis of the exhibition pavilions (universal exhibitions and bienniales) from the point of view of their architecture, crossing the contributions of designers and architects, historians, philosophers and aestheticians.

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