Jean-Luc Nancy

Jean-Luc Nancy (1940-2021) was one of the great figures of post-modern philosophy and one of the most influential contemporary thinkers. He taught Philosophy at the Université Marc Bloch, Strasbourg and was visiting professor with the universities of Berkeley, Irvine, San Diego and Berlin until he recently retired from his professorship. His work has been acknowledged and praised by academics and the wider international public alike. It comprises a variety of research focuses reaching from the ontology of society to the metamorphosis of reason and the arts, on image studies, and even on political and religious aspects with respect to ongoing developments. In his latest texts he has focused on the deconstruction of monotheism.
Jean-Luc Nancy - Rencontre
French edition
A dialogue between the philosopher and the art historian around the encounter.
Jean-Luc Nancy - Immortelle finitude - Sexualité et philosophie
French edition
Diaphanes - Anarchies
Two thinkers of different generations discuss the question of sexuality and philosophy.
Jean-Luc Nancy - Le Philosophe Boiteux
French edition
An unpublished manuscript written in 1978, transcribed in accordance with the specific pagination of the original, with a typesetting system developed specifically to reproduce the dynamics of Jean-Luc Nancy's writing.
Jean-Luc Nancy - Qu\'appelons-nous penser ?
French edition
Diaphanes - TransPositions
The two philosophers share a dialogue on the representation of thought.

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