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A la modeThe Third Way of Fashion

At the Museum Shop – Fashion as the Intersection of Art and Life
Tan Waelchli

Greetings from Bilbao
Aude Lehmann & Zsigmond Toth

Why Roger Buergel Wears Red Jeans – Notes on Freedom of Choice
Tirdad Zolghadr

Cross-dressing Class – The Imposter as an Artist of Travesty
Florian Keller

Don't Mock the Clothes! – The Modish Existentialism of Sex and the City
Simone Meier

V&R and H&M. – V&R and H&M V&R and H&M
Cynthia Leung

Wedding dresses
Shirana Shahbazi

Dual Form – A Plea for the Model
Anus Belkrem

The Kate Show – The Icon Between Portrait and Model
Aude Lehmann & Tan Waelchli

Ofoffjoff – One to One – Offshoot
Joff & Julia Born
Anushka Blommers & Niels Schumm

The Transference of Fashion – On Bruno's Interview Skills
David Ratmoko

Wasteful and Skinny, but Rich of Signs – Paris Hilton and Fashion
Daniela Janser

Learning from Louis Vuitton – The Originality of Fakes
Aude Lehmann

Ghetto Fabulous – Blackface Masquerade from the Minstrel Show to Hip Hop
Susanne von Ledebur

Supa Slice Numba One
Aubry B. Jewelry

Da Gucci, Da Fendi, Da Prada – 50 Cent's More Than Conspicuous Consumption
Dr Wu Tan

Donkey-Edition by Lex Trueb
Cartoons by Dimitri Broquard & Valerio D'Odorico

A la Mode, German


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