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Pli #05 – Obsession

Pli  - Pli #05
The fifth issue of the annual magazine mixing graphic design, publishing and architecture questions these disciplines through the theme of obsession.
Having questioned matter/material in last year's issue, this year Pli is taking on the theme of obsession. A special year, as we celebrate our fifth opus. Five years during which over two hundred architects, designers and artists have contributed to the game of publishing; around central questions of architecture and publishing, but also design, forming a collective documentation of a year of research. On this occasion, the authors and guests have dared introspection, some going as far as questioning their very own means of expression. Psychic or physical, tangible or invisible, scientific or imaginative, singular, transversal and sometimes methodological, obsession is omnipresent in their creative processes. In their contribution to this common project each has articulated their values and their point of view and disclosed something deeply personal.
Far from being fixed and resolute, obsession is much more than a restricting, absurd and hard to eradicate symptom. It leads us to question the harmful character of our neuroses (images, ideas, feelings). The term obsession could be defined as a manipulation of language, forms and concepts, but also as a manipulation of the final perception of the whole. Here it is dissected by sixteen authors and eight guests, accompanied by eight illustrators or artists (separate notebooks and posters).
Pli is an annual magazine that questions the interactions between architecture and publishing. Addressing the timelessness of these two fields, and the personal, human aspect that defines them, each issue interrogates its own value as an object. Pli is first and foremost the result of concrete collaborations, whether between the authors, the illustrators, the partners, or simply people we meet who help the personalities we meet and help move the thought process forward. Through the use of paper, diverse encounters, collaborative events and contrasting perspectives, Pli has become a co-disciplinary platform that strives to rethink and question these trades.
Pli is also an editorial platform that accompanies and publishes the new generation of architects and designers.
published in November 2019
bilingual edition (English / French)
16 x 24 cm (softcover)
352 pages (colo & b/w ill.)
ISBN : 977-2-43064-000-2
EAN : 9772430640002
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