Blank Forms

Blank Forms' journal brings together a combination of never-before published, lost, and new materials that supplement Blank Forms' live programs. It is envisioned as a platform for critical reflection and extended dialogue between scholars, artists, and other figures working within the world of experimental music and art.
New York
Blank Forms - Aspirations of Madness
English edition
Aspirations of Madness, Blank Forms' fifth collection of archival, unpublished, or newly translated texts, considers the work of Masayuki Takayanagi, the poet Louise Landes Levi, musician and writer Joseph Jarman, polymath Catherine Christer Hennix and her one-time student the poet Charles Stein, Russian musicologist Henry Orlov, and Maryanne Amacher—brilliant and overlooked artists whose work Blank Forms will continue to champion in a variety of contexts. Aspirations of Madness features additional contributions by Alan Cummings, Bill Dietz, Peter Kastakis, Art Lange, Leo Svirsky, Satoru Obara, and Tomoyuki Chida.
Blank Forms - Intelligent Life
English edition
The fourth issue of Blank Forms' journal: a kaleidoscopic view of the last fifty years of experimental art and music in the United States and beyond, mining the conceptual, technical, historical, or otherwise marginal details undergirding artists' lives, ideas, and approaches that may otherwise remain buried.
Henning Christiansen - Blank Forms - Freedom is Around the Corner
English edition
Henning Christiansen: Freedom is Around the Corner, the third issue of Blank Forms' journal, is released in conjunction with a retrospective exhibition and performance series of the same name, devoted to the work of pioneering Danish composer and artist Henning Christiansen (1932–2008).
Blank Forms - Music From The World Tomorrow
English edition
(last copies available!)
The second issue of Blank Forms' journal.

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