Pli is an annual magazine that questions the interactions between architecture and publishing. Addressing the timelessness of these two fields, and the personal, human aspect that defines them, each issue interrogates its own value as an object. Pli is first and foremost the result of concrete collaborations, whether between the authors, the illustrators, the partners, or simply people we meet who help the personalities we meet and help move the thought process forward. Through the use of paper, diverse encounters, collaborative events and contrasting perspectives, Pli has become a co-disciplinary platform that strives to rethink and question these trades.
Pli is also an editorial platform that accompanies and publishes the new generation of architects and designers.
Pli - Obsession
bilingual edition (English / French)
The fifth issue of the annual magazine mixing graphic design, publishing and architecture questions these disciplines through the theme of obsession.

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