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Pierre Soulages / Michel LorblanchetMoments d'origine (DVD)

Pierre Soulages / Michel Lorblanchet Jean-Luc Bouvret - Pierre Soulages / Michel Lorblanchet
A conversation between painter Pierre Soulages and prehistorian Michel Lorblanchet about parietal art and the origins of art.
Together, Pierre Soulages and Michel Lorblanchet visited one of the sanctuaries of prehistoric art. On that day in 1996, they had agreed to meet in the Cougnac cave (in county Lot, France) to contemplate some amazing works… The film by Jean-Luc Bouvret puts their discussion in perspective and shares the crossfire from these two powerful and individualistic vantage points as Pierre Soulages and Michel Lorblanchet consider these first artists from humanity. Profound reciprocity develops between the painter and the prehistorian in the complementarity of their perceptions. Where one attempts to analyze and understand, the other seeks to perceive.

“An artist says and sees things a prehistorian cannot say.”
Michel Lorblanchet

“These times from the beginning that I look for take us to our origins, and our origins, they are the origins of painting…”
Pierre Soulages
Jean-Luc Bouvret is a French documentarian.
Edited by Gilles Coudert.
Film and bonus by Jean-Luc Bouvret.
published in September 2019
film in French version with English subtitles
DVD Digipack DVD5 – PAL – MULTIZONE – AC3 Stereo – 16/9 & 4/3
27' + 14' (bonus)
ISBN : 3760083750366
EAN : 3760083750366
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