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Inside (CD)

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Pascal Dusapin - Inside (CD)
Pascal Dusapin's complete work for viola, performed by Vincent Royer (alto), and Brigitte Krömmelbein (violin). A unique artist, Pascal Dusapin continues his musical journey, formal and yet never dogmatic, offering his fiercely emotional music through a great range of diverse forms.
Pascal Dusapin was born 29 May 1955 in Nancy, France. His music is marked by its microtonality, tension, and energy. A pupil of Iannis Xenakis and an admirer of Varèse, Dusapin studied at the University of Paris I and Paris VIII during the 1970s. His music is full of “romantic constraint”, and he rejects the use of electronics, percussion other than timpani, and, up until the late 1990s, piano. He wrote several operas and important pieces for ensemble and solo instrument.
published in March 2019
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