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Body Mechanics

Stelarc - Body Mechanics
This monograph is dedicated to Stelarc—the body artist known for his radical performances involving robotic prosthetics.
Stelarc's projects raise the question of prosthetics—mechanical, virtual and biological—and the idea of an evolutionary architecture of the body. These body mechanics are an original use of the living body and of design: the body is redesigned, reengineered, reorchestrated through videos, photos, prototypes… Stelarc's very own, new generation, curiosity shop!
Australian-based performance artist and hybridization pioneer Stelarc (born Stelios Arcadiou in 1946 in Limassol, Cyprus, lives and works in Melbourne) is an active participant in the cultural and political debate on extending the human body and enhancing its capacities through human-machine interfaces, prosthetics and robotics.
One cannot stay indifferent to Stelarc's extreme views and singular experiments. Placed at the heart of his research, the body—and his body in particular—is enhanced by machines and completed with sounds, music, the Internet, videos and computers which Stelarc adds to his devices.
Contributions by Gary Hall and Joanna Zylinska.
published in March 2009
bilingual edition (English / French)
21 x 24,5 cm (broché)
104 pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-916639-11-6
EAN : 9782916639116
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