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The Book of Ghost

Elizabeth Lebon - The Book of Ghost
Elizabeth Lebon writes poems, stories and performances, usually with the help of a typewriter. The choice of paper, as well as its format, is centrally important to the conceptualization and experimentation of this artist. This new book-object of concrete poetry plays with the transparency of its leaflets.
Elizabeth Lebon writes concrete poetry, and is also a performance artist. Her work is primarily concerned with the production of texts-objects. She has written, typed and sewn as many words onto baking paper and cash-register rolls as onto blank pages of A4. The resulting text-objects give thoughts material, aural and autonomous form, and are reminiscent of both the precepts of Ulises Carrión's The new art of making books, and of the work of metaphysical poets of the English Renaissance. The author's poetic language—and constellations of ideas—transport us, so that the book form, and the typography on the page, surprise and delight.
published in September 2018
English edition
8 x 12 cm (softcover)
56 pages -transparent paper)
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The Book of Ghost The Book of Ghost The Book of Ghost The Book of Ghost

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