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I Fiori Del Sole (vinyl LP)

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Michele Fedrigotti, Danilo Lorenzini - I Fiori Del Sole (vinyl LP)
Originally released in 1979 on the experimental label Cramps, I Fiori del Sole is a composition for organ and piano by the Italian duo Michele Fedrigotti and Danilo Lorenzini. This is the first vinyl reissue ever.
The encounter between minimalist aesthetic and religious atmosphere make this album one of the most interesting and obscure treasures of the Italian Minimalism. The album is produced by the legendary Franco Battiato with whom the duo Fedrigotti-Lorenzini collaborated the same year for “L'Era del Cinghiale Bianco.”
Michele Fedrigotti is an Italian pianist, composer, arranger and conductor.
Danilo Lorenzini is an Italian pianist, professor of composition at the conservatory of Milan.
published in August 2017
vinyl LP 180gr
11 tracks (4'11 / 1'00 / 4'50 / 3'00 / 1'00 / 3'23 / 3'15 / 4'14 / 1'40 / 1'00 / 5'50)
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