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Awan~Siguawini~~Spemki~~~ (CD)

Pierre Beloüin [see all titles]
Pierre Beloüin - Awan~Siguawini~~Spemki~~~ (CD)
This installation juxtaposes photographs of eight “landscapes” with “soundscapess” created by French sound artists, who made a free sound interpretation based on the chosen picture and collected raw sounds.
With Servovalve, Black Sifichi, Rainier Lericolais, Eddie Ladoire, Norscq, Sébastien Roux, Nicolas Germain, Cocoon, Ultra Milkmaids, Ramuntcho Matta, Wild Shores.

Limited edition of 300.

Audio samples: optical-sound.bandcamp.com/album/awan-siguawini-spemki-os-023.
Mastered by Norscq.

Graphic design: ABM Studio.
published in April 2006
French edition
Jewel Crystal Box, 12 pages leaflet
60'10, 8 tracks + bonus CD-ROM
in stock
Awan~Siguawini~~Spemki~~~ (CD) Awan~Siguawini~~Spemki~~~ (CD) Awan~Siguawini~~Spemki~~~ (CD)

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