Pierre Beloüin

Pierre Beloüin (born 1973 in Toulon, lives and works in Ollioules, Paris, and Strasbourg) is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice encompasses sound and visual arts. He is the founder of Optical Sound.

(external link : www.optical-sound.com)
Pierre Beloüin - Optical Sound & Pierre Beloüin - 1997 → ×
texts in English and in French
Optical Sound
Anniversary monograph celebrating the twenty-year activity of the label Optical Sound and its founder Pierre Beloüin: this anthological publication traces twenty years of activity at the intersection of experimental music and contemporary art, featuring unpublished documents and exhibitions views, an insert, as well as critical texts and interviews.
Pierre Beloüin - L\'homme Orchestre V.2 (Surf\'n\'Exotica Version)  (vinyl 10\
Optical Sound
Soundtrack for an exotic elevator, innocent muzak, only a priori, an orchestra with sequins and cheap junk (the soundtrack of Pierre Beloüin's eponymous installation).
Pierre Beloüin - A chaque jour suffit sa peine...™ - Special Kit (DVD)
Optical Sound
A “kit” resulting from the two working visual artists Pierre Beloüin and P. Nicolas Ledoux's cross work.
Pierre Beloüin - Awan~Siguawini~~Spemki~~~ (CD)
Optical Sound
This installation juxtaposes photographs of eight “landscapes” with “soundscapess” created by French sound artists, who made a free sound interpretation based on the chosen picture and collected raw sounds.

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