Sébastien Roux

Composer Sébastien Roux writes electronic music, and presents it in diverse formats, from CD's and records, to public listening sessions, sound installations, sound walks, and radio pieces. In 2011 he began to develop an approach focused on principles of translation, analyzing the structures of preexisting art works (visual, musical, literary) and transposing them into scores for new works (radiophonic or electroacoustic taped music). He regularly collaborates with Célia Houdard (writer), Olivier Vadrot (designer), DD Dorvilliers and Sylvain Prunenec (choreographers).

See also Heller (Sébastien Roux & Eddie Ladoire).
Sébastien Roux - Succession of Timbres With one Partial in Common (vinyl LP)
Sébastien Roux pushes Max Neuhaus' concept of succession of timbres to a new height in a drastically systematic composition.
Sébastien Roux - Issues (vinyl LP)
What You See Is What You Hear (Volume) - Books, editions & records
Issues results from the invitation made to Sébastien Roux to compose from the six issues' collection of the contemporary art magazine about sound Volume, released between 2010 and 2013, using the textual corpus as a generator of scores to write and eventually have performed.

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