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Art Basel | Year 44

Art Basel | Year 44  - Art Basel | Year 44
One year in the art world.
In celebration of Art Basel's 44th year—the first to include three exhibitions on three continents—JRP|Ringier joins Art Basel in publishing a new book documenting the dynamic experience of its Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong fairs.
“Art Basel | Year 44,” designed by Gavillet & Rust (Geneva), has an A-to-Z format that maps the world of Art Basel with a comprehensive look at the shows of 2013. This elegant, hardcover publication offers the widening audience of art lovers a compilation of portfolios, interviews, and essays on contemporary art, and lists all exhibitors participating in the three exhibitions. It depicts works from the different shows' sectors, highlights events and talks, and gives art world experts, curators, and collectors a platform for sharing their expertise, providing an immersive art experience for the reader.
Among the authors and artists featured are John M. Armleder, Nicholas Baume, Harry Bellet, Dara Birnbaum, Florence Derieux, Herzog & de Meuron, Gianni Jetzer, Tadashi Kawamata, Arto Lindsay, Malcolm McLaren, Elaine Ng, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mickalene Thomas, and Adrian Wong, as well as many others whose work contributed to the exhibitions on all three continents.
An extensive survey, a path to discovery, an indispensable piece of memorabilia—the first edition of the “Art Basel | Year 44” will no doubt be a favorite addition to the library of essential art books for the expanding global art world community.
Edited by Lionel Bovier, Annette Schönholzer, Marc Spiegler.
Texts by Harry Bellet, Florence Derieux, Gianni Jetzer, Arto Lindsay, Massimo Minini, Elaine Ng, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mickalene Thomas, Philip Ursprung, Pauline J. Yao.
published in May 2014
English edition
21,4 x 29,9 cm (hardcover)
700 pages (500 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-03764-362-4
EAN : 9783037643624
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