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Works & Process (DVD)

Works & Process (DVD) Bernard Lallemand - Works & Process (DVD)
A documentary on three exhibitions, a filmed interview with the artist and an original video work.
“Works and Process” is a monographic collection of DVDs dedicated to contemporary artists directed by Gilles Coudert. Every “monograph” uses an encyclopaedic principle and suggests discovering and understanding the approach of a creator through various documentary approaches, films and unknow archives of the artist.
Born 1947 in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (France), Bernard Lallemand leads through his plastic work a reflection on the human body, its representations and its instrumentalisation, and on the ambivalent connections between the organic and the technological.
Edited by Gilles Coudert.
Directed by Fabrice Bertran and Bernard Lallemand.
published in 2008
French edition
DVD in boxset
90 mn (3 films)
25.00 20.00
(special offer)
ISBN : 979-10-91490-12-2
EAN : 9791091490122
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Works & Process (DVD)

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