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Dissolvè / Scillions (7" vinyl)

Antoine Hubineau - Dissolvè / Scillions (7\
Two works from the same series of compositions, drawn from modular synthesizer recordings which have been reworked, treated and composed in the computer.
Dissolvè is a mosaic which is in constant motion. The inner details are guided by an outer structure which act as a kind of rhythmic subtraction. It is destabilised to the point where it fractures, from the macro to the micro level; abstracting a filigree from the original rhythm.
Scillions breaks an initial path into several directions which create new paths. Directional blur in harmonic motion makes it difficult to predict the outcomes. Contrary movements, synchronisation and desynchronisation build and break the relations between these new paths. Finally, altered versions of these new directions give some familiarity, while adding to the ambient disorder.
Antoine Hubineau is a French composer of electronic music between sound synthesis exploration and acoustic matters, also a teacher and co-founder of the Sillages residency. His practice is focused on sound synthesis, which become alternately pseudo-acoustic instruments, abstract matter and surreal spaces. In his compositions, he makes the most of the cracks between free pulsation and collateral rhythms, between harmonic stability and sound spectrum tearings. Antoine Hubineau stretches his musical activities in solo, just as much in concert as in studio and collaborates sometime with musicians, visual artists and dancers. He owns a Master degree in Computer Music Designer from Jean Monnet University in Saint-Etienne (France) and a Musical Studies Diploma in electroacoustic composition from the Conservatory of Bordeaux.
Mastering and cut: Kassian Troyer at D&M, Berlin.
Cover artwork by Morgan Cuinet.
Layout by Mads Emil Nielsen.
published in April 2023
EAN : 5745000541041
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