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Véhicule #06

 - Véhicule #06
The partitions, to be activated by the reader, by Ludovic Bernhardt, Anaël Castelein, Garance Dor, Frédéric Forte, Linda Hayford, Léa Henry, Anabelle Hulaut, Dominique Jégou, Violaine Lochu, Frédéric Mathevet, Vincent Menu, Karim Ould, Pauline Picot, PPAF éditions (Adrien Chacon and Julien Molland), Matthieu Saladin and Yoann Thommerel.
Published by Vroum editions, Véhicule is a project by Garance Dor and Vincent Menu, who invite contemporary artists from various fields to pass on a score (score = protocol, piece, user's manual, suggestion, project, script, notation). All the scores are meant to be activated by the reader, whether the latter is skilled or not within the artistic field involved. Véhicule publishes poetic works that are to be deployed in a museum or a stage environment, in public or private spaces. Véhicule is a publishing project that is later meant to be implemented within the setting of a performance, a show, a reading or an exhibition.
Véhicule is a publication with a unique form: a square envelope, the size of an LP record, filled with printed documents of various sizes. Véhicule is released every year.
published in January 2023
French edition
31,5 x 31,8 cm
leaflets of varying sizes in a transparent pocket
ISBN : 978-2-493008-07-7
EAN : 9782493008077
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