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Questions obliques (card game)

Frédéric Forte - Questions obliques (card game)
Created by the author-poet Frédéric Forte, the "Questions obliques" cards, with their three levels of difficulty, question the visitor of an exhibition on his perception of an artwork.
"Questions Obliques" is inspired by the game "Oblique Strategies" (Over one hundred worthwhile dilemmas), invented in the 1970s by musician Brian Eno and artist Peter Schmidt, which was designed to help artists in their creative process by proposing that they apply "instructions" drawn from the game at random. Here, the cards of "Questions Obliques" question the visitor's perception of the exhibition, sometimes in a surprising and offbeat way.
Born 1973 in Toulouse (France), Frédéric Forte was a record dealer for a while before becoming a bookseller. He began writing poetry in 1999, encouraged by Jacques Jouet. Having collaborated with Ian Monk, he was co-opted into the Oulipo in 2005. In 2020, he became director of the Master of Literary Creation at the University and Art School of Le Havre2.
Graphic design: Collectif 2920g.
published in June 2021
French edition
5,7 x 12 x 6 cm (box set)
122 cards
ISBN : 979-10-91091-09-1
EAN : 9791091091091
in stock
Questions obliques (card game)
Questions obliques (card game)
Questions obliques (card game)

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