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La capture de l'inaudible (booklet + SD card)

Matthieu Saladin - La capture de l\'inaudible (booklet + SD card)
A reverse encoder that keeps only frequencies usually removed by the mp3 encoders, giving the “inaudible” frequencies to listen (software edition on SD card and silkscreen booklet, including a text by Jonathan Sterne).
La capture de l'inaudible, conceived by Matthieu Saladin, is the edition of a software acting like a reverse mp3 encoder. Where a classical mp3 encoder removes inaudible frequencies to reduce the size of an audio file, the reverse encoder gives these frequencies to listen, removing what the mp3 format usually keeps.
The software comes on a SD card, going along a booklet with a selection of texts on the inaudible, and a text written by Jonathan Sterne.
The SD card contains also the whole Artkillart catalog, re-encoded with Matthieu Saladin's software.
Matthieu Saladin is an artist and associate professor in visual art at University Paris 8 (TEAMeD / AI-AC). He is in charge of the Labex Arts H2H project Factory of sound art. He is the editor of the series Ohcetecho (Les presses du réel), the chief editor of Tacet, and collaborates with journals such as Volume! and Revue et Corrigée. His practice takes place in a conceptual approach and often uses sound. He is interested in the production of spaces, the history of artistic forms and creative process, and in the relationships between art and society from a political and economic point of view.
Texts by Jonathan Sterne and Matthieu Saladin.

Graphic design: Jean-Baptiste Parré.
Software: Ianis Lallemand.

Published with Synesthésie ¬ MMAINTENANT, Accès)s(, DICRéAM.
published in November 2019
bilingual edition (English / French)
15 x 23 cm
currently out of stock
La capture de l'inaudible (booklet + SD card) La capture de l'inaudible (booklet + SD card) La capture de l'inaudible (booklet + SD card) La capture de l'inaudible (booklet + SD card)
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