Touch is a UK label founded in 1982 by Jon Wozencroft and Mike Harding.
4 titles
Bana Haffar - Intimaa\' / إ​ن​ت​م​ا​ء (vinyl LP)
A work engaging with the materiality of sound, the essence of cloth, and the symbiosis of the machine and handmade by transposing weaving draft notation into graphic scores and rhythmic sequencing.
 Ozmotic - Senzatempo (vinyl LP)
currently out of stock
The music of "Senzatempo", by Italian duo Ozmotic and guitarist, composer and electronic musician Christian Fennesz, moves in balance between composition and improvisation. It is a symphonic work for an imaginary orchestra in which melodies, counterpoints, dynamics and sonorities define a structural breadth reminiscent of classical music.
Carl Michael von Hausswolff - Travelogue [Bali] (CD)
The immersive sound diary of a trip to Bali.
 Fennesz - Black Sea (2 10\
2022 reissue of Fennesz's beautiful 4th solo album, originally released in 2008.

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