Transversales Disques

Transversales Disques is a French record label founded by Jonathan Fitoussi and Sébastien Rosat, specialised in releasing long lost tapes and reissuing rare records & soundtracks.
8 titles
Luc Ferrari - Solitude Transit - Bandes magnétiques inédites (1989-1990) (vinyl LP)
Unpublished and outstanding archival recordings by electroacoustic music pioneer Luc Ferrari: a piece in three acts composed in 1989 for contemporary dance, choreographed by Anne-Marie Reynaud.
Bernard Parmegiani - Mémoire Magnétique Vol. 2 (1966-1993) (vinyl LP)
Spanning 1966-1993, Mémoire Magnétique Vol. 2 is a revelatory collection of short and secret music by electronic music pioneer Bernard Parmegiani.
Pierre Henry - Un Monde Lacéré (vinyl LP)
The never released before piece Un Monde Lacéré by electroacoustic music pioneer Pierre Henry, a stunning special tribute to Jacques Villeglé and his work, recorded in 2008 in studio Son/Ré.
Luc Ferrari - Photophonie - Bandes magnétiques inédites (1973-1992) (vinyl LP)
Celebrating the 90th anniversary of Luc Ferrari's birth, Photophonie, unpublished archives, spanning 1973-1992, is a revelatory collection of commercial, commission and secret music by the electroacoustic music pioneer.
Ariel Kalma - Nuits Blanches au Studio 116 (vinyl LP)
Unreleased rarities from Ariel Kalma's personal archives recorded in the legendary GRM's Studio 116 during the 1970's.
François Bayle - Electrucs ! (vinyl LP)
Never released before: on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the GRM, the composer François Bayle introduces us to some of his unpublished archives.
Bernard Parmegiani - Mémoire Magnétique Vol. 1 (1966-1990) (vinyl LP)
Spanning 1966-1990, Mémoire Magnétique vol.1 is a revelatory collection of commercial and secret music by electronic music pionneer Bernard Parmegiani. The first volume of this compilation allows us to discover some of these lost tapes and unpublished recordings which were composed for the screen or the performing arts.
Bernard Parmegiani - Rock (vinyl LP)
Never before released soundtrack of the film Rock directed by Michel Treguer, composed in 1982 by Bernard Parmegiani (remastered from the original master tapes, with exclusive liner notes).

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