Julia Scher

Born 1954 in Hollywood, Julia Scher lives and works in Cologne. Inspired by the French philosopher Michel Foucault and the sociologist Gary T. Marx, Julia Scher's work focuses on the subjects surveillance and cyber-sphere. Aiming at the exposure of dangers and ideologies of monitoring systems, Scher creates temporary and transitory web/installation/performance works that explore issues of power, control and seduction. Her art projects have taken the form of interactive installations, reformulated surveillance, site tours, interventions, performances, photography, writing, net.art, linear video, and sound.
Julia Scher has taught and lectured extensively, and has been Professor for Multimedia Performance Surveillant Architectures at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne.

See also Dan Graham, Antoine Catala, Mieko Meguro: Julia (Uncovered) – The work of Julia Scher – a conversation.

(external link : www.juliascher.com)
Julia Scher - Filzengraben Boulevard (vinyl LP)
Small World
An autobiographical artist-talk as a performance delivered from the artist's bed over Zoom.
Julia Scher - Always There
English edition
Sternberg Press - Monographs and artists' books
sold out
Always There offers a comprehensive survey of American artist Julia Scher's work. The artist's installations and performances have always featured a complex relation to techno-social control, demonstrating our complicity in the proliferating technologies used to surveil both our physical and virtual identities.

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