Mika Vainio

Mika Tapio Vainio (1963-2017) was a Finnish musician and producer of electronic music, half, with Ilpo Väisanen, of the legendary duo Pan Sonic. Mika Vainio also recorded several solo albums, under his name or different pseudonyms (Ø, Kentolevi, Philus, Tekonivel), as well as in collaboration with Joachim Nordwall, Franck Vigroux, John Duncan, Carsten Nicolai, Vladislav Delay, Alan Vega, Christian Fennesz, Lucio Capece, Axel Dörner, etc.

(external link : www.mikavainio.com)
Mika Vainio - P V T (vinyl LP)
Matière Mémoire
In October 2013, Charlemagne Palestine, Mika Vainio and Eric Thielemans got together for the first time, meeting each other at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels, for a 4 day residency and 2 live performances. The music of the residency takes, edited by Thielemans, mixed and mastered by Frederic Allstadt, is now released on Matière Mémoire and Godbear, Charlemagne Palestine's archival music label.

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