Joachim Nordwall

A major figure in the Swedish experimental music scene, Joachim Nordwall (born 1975) co-founded Borft Records and runs the iDEAL Organization including the iDEAL Festival in Göteborg and IDEAL Recordings since 1998. He has released his music on labels like Ash International and Hospital Productions and has been collaborating with artists like Aaron Dilloway, Mika Vainio, Mats Gustafsson, Leif Elggren, John Duncan, Gabi Losoncy, Mark Wastell and Christine Abdelour.
Joachim Nordwall - MMXX-17 - Before it gets better, it will get worse (vinyl EP)
Matière Mémoire
Joachim Nordwall proposes for his contribution to the MMXX series a singular gesture built around captured vocalizations: the work's title, spoken by a number of voices, stands as doubling mantra and raw material, increasingly repeated layered, processed, and fed with further tonal and textural interventions over its duration, allowing Nordwall to push the boundaries of his own practice, between musique concrète, sound-art, and experimental electroacoustic music.

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