Alexandre & Florentine Lamarche-Ovize

Alexandre & Florentine Lamarche-Ovize have been working together since 2006. Their practice is resolutely hybrid, migrant and fragmented. It combines sculpture, drawing, photography, objects and posters.Their installations constitute only a stopping point in their work process, which they conceive of as a flux of continuous experiment, a perpetual calling into question of the forms and sign they use. Each work is seen as the chapter of a much broader narrative that goes well beyond the framework of the exhibition, condenses earlier experiments and contains the ferment of works to come. The syntax is shifting and the vocabulary is inspired by literature (Melville, Gombrowicz, Ponge), as much as by the history of painting and sculpture, and also takes a few detours via comic strips and cinema (non-linear narration, notions of framing and montage).

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 Alexandre & Florentine Lamarche-Ovize - Inventaire
bilingual edition (English / French)
The Drawer - Books
Monograph gathering most of the artists's recent works—ceramic and faience sculptures, watercolors and gouaches, drawings, collages, and installations—divided into three thematic chapters. The publication includes an interview of several voices (with special guest Mathieu Mercier), and a text by Annabela Tournon.

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