Marie Angeletti

Marie Angeletti (born 1984 in Marseille, lives and works between London and Brussels) uses photography with the flexibility that characterizes the digital circulation of images, and a fluidity that also results from modes of existence. Her work delicately spins an associative web between images that you might find through a Google search. At once a personal cosmology, and a seemingly arbitrary assemblage of images, their combination spins a multiplicity of possible readings.

See also Paradis (edited by Marie Angeletti).

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Marie Angeletti - Crandford Collection 04 & 05
English edition
Commissioned to photograph a contemporary art installation set in a London private house, Marie Angeletti immersed herself in the life of its inhabitants to better capture the complex network that unites the artworks and the collector. The art works of Isa Genzken, Christopher Wool, Franz West or Rosemarie Trockel are mixed with the house social realities and with the world that surrounds them. With her penetrating and witty gaze, Angeletti explores the circulation of art in our contemporary society while infusing it with her own private perspective.
Marie Angeletti - Fabricants Couleurs
French edition
Edition Patrick Frey
The French artist Marie Angeletti presents photographs from a project hosted by two sites belonging to a color manufacturing company in the cities of Gémenos (France) and Shanghai.
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