Filipa César

Combining documentary and subjective viewpoints, the films of Filipa César (born 1975 in Porto, lives and works in Berlin) are concerned with the relationship between history, memory, image and narrative. Their freedom of tone and form is reminiscent of the form of the cinematic essay, in which the image serves as a starting point for open narratives, developed like a stream of thought. In her films the artist concentrates on points of historical crystallization, on facts situated on the margins of official history but liable to reveal its mechanisms, ideologies and hidden dimensions.
Filipa César - Notes on a facsimile of the publication: Cadernos para o diálogo 2 Discurso sobre o colonialismo. Aimé Césaire
Portuguese edition (booklet English / Portuguese)
Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite
sold out
The annotated facsimile of the original Portuguese edition of Aimé Césaire's fundamental anticolonial text from 1950, banned during the Portuguese dictatorship (but clandestinely published by Filipa César's father in 1971).

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