Jessica Stockholder

Born 1959 in Seattle, Jessica Stockholder lives and works in New Haven.

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Jessica Stockholder - Stuff Matters
bilingual edition (English / Dutch)
Mousse - Mousse Publishing (books)
New monograph, featuring American–Canadian artist's latest work, in dialogue with a museum collection.
Jessica Stockholder - ABC Taste - The Perfect Guest
Captures - Artist's books
Artist's book: Jessica Stockholder's adult ABC, in which poetry, cut-outs, letters and word play jockey with the visual languages of collage, sharpie pens, wax crayons, and fluorescent colors.
Jessica Stockholder - ABC Taste - The Perfect Guest (Deluxe Edition)
Captures - Deluxe editions
Deluxe edition of Jessica Stockholder's adult ABC, signed and numbered in a box set, including an original drawing and collages made from a “Sex Poem” by the artist.
Jessica Stockholder - Coating
no text
Incertain Sens - Artist's books and editions

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