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How to DieInopiné

 - How to Die
Une investigation transdisciplinaire et une performance chorégraphique, entre Umeå et Oslo, autour de la crise écologique et culturelle et de la menace de l'effondrement.
How to Die – Inopiné is a performance and a practice. It thinks through, in an embodied manner, the prevailing contemporary moods of ecological grief, cultural panic, and collapse. As a performance in a theater or outdoors, an audience encounters five dancers who are constantly building, unbuilding, and rebuilding. Afterwards, stories are told around a bonfire. As a practice in the studio, school, or street, a group of dancers, artists, writers, and architects meet for a year of residencies between Oslo and Umeå. They host a working process and encounter external informants. The goal is to displace oneself into the unexpected. This publication, two years in the making, engages with the challenges of translating a choreographic process into the space of a book. It both documents the project's development as well as offering the reader-doer different modes of thinking-doing, from somatic practices to proposals for a curriculum. Experiments in writing, mapping, and moving are played with, all engaging with the question, "what is the future of displaced thinking?"
Publié suite à la série d'événements éponymes organisés à Umeå, Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim et Reykjavik en 2019-2020.
Edité par Ashkan Sepahvand.
Contributions de Harald Becharie, Mia Habib, Jassem Hindi, Asher Lev, Marie Kraft Selze, Namik Mačkić, Ingeborg Olerud, Anna Pehrsson, Ashkan Sepahvand, Nina Wollny.
paru en décembre 2022
édition anglaise
20 x 26 cm (broché)
256 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-948212-97-1
EAN : 9783948212971
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