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5 Streams (2 vinyl LP + 7")

Norscq - 5 Streams (2 vinyl LP + 7\
First vinyl edition of the 3rd album by Norscq (The Grief / The Atlas Project) that combines ancient texts, oriental singing, post-industrial electronica and dark ambient.
Norscq (Jean-Louis Morgère) is a French electronic music composer and producer. He founded the iconoclastic cult group The Grief in 1984. Since 1998, he worked as The Atlas Project for two albums and then under his name and working from time to time with Black Sifichi in the duet Super Stoned. He's known for being musically unpredictable with a particularly fine work on the sound. This brought many other musicians to him for recording, mixing, mastering, remixing, and sound engineering: Cocoon, Colder, Von Magnet, Young Marble Giants, Marc Ribot, Jack Dangers, JG Thirlwell, Simon Fisher Turner, Quattrophage, Wild Shores, Encre, dDamage, Minsurar, Hypo, EDH, Emmanuel Tugny and many more.
Mastering: Norscq.
Outside photographs by ABM studio.
Inside photograph by Norscq.
Artwork by ABM studio.
published in May 2021
60'14, 8 tracks
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