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Animalwrath (CD)

Phil Maggi [see all titles]
Phil Maggi - Animalwrath (CD)
This album by Ultraphallus lead singer is a combination of his different forms of music, from ambient-drone, electro-acoustic, sampling and field recordings to free-jazz. Phil Maggi has invited a few generous collaborators (Oren Bloedow, Maja Jantar, Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, Tom Malmendier, Gabriel Séverin and Ludovic Medery) on these eight tracks inspired by Henry Corbin's writings, Nico, Scott Walker and traditional music.
Phil Maggi (born 1980 in Liège, where he lives and works) is a composer, a vocalist and a filmmaker from Belgium. Known as the lead singer of heavy-rock combo Ultraphallus, Phil Maggi develops an extensive body of work as a solo musician for several years. Since 2003, he's working on disfigured sonic landscapes including atmospheric ambient music and the exploration of drone and noise territories, but also dark psychedelic and lo-fi cinematographic soundtracks inspired by dreams and traditional popular music.

See also Ultraphallus.
published in May 2018
CD digipack
8 tracks (4'22 / 4'02 / 3'02 / 4'19 / 5'17 / 3'52 / 6'04 / 5'08)
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