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Film and Theater Works2002-2004

Film and Theater Works Catherine Sullivan - Film and Theater Works
First monograph devoted to the Californian artist.
Made for a three-part exhibition that takes stock of Sullivan's dramatic and narrative experiments, the monograph reunites the artist's major scripts from works made in the last few years.
The performative tension of the artist's work is accompanied by a “Brechtian” deconstruction of divisions between genre and media, which is explored in texts by the curators of the exhibitions, Beatrix Ruf, Susanne Titz, and Karola Grässlin, as well as by Sebastian Egenhofer, Nicolas Baume, Anne Pontegnie and the artist.
Published further these exhibitions organised since 2004: NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Catherine Sullivan: Getting Out of the 20th Century Alive; The Audimax/Neustadt Manifestation, Audimax der RWTH Aachen; Volksbühne am Rosa Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin; Kunstverein Braunschweig, Catherine Sullivan: Ice Floes of Franz Joseph Land/house of Aleks/house of Peter (and some of those crappy details); Kunsthalle Zürich, Catherine Sullivan.
Born 1968 in Los Angeles, where she lives and works, Catherine Sullivan began with an interest in theatre and performance before moving into the visual arts. Armed with the fruits of research by the Los Angeles art scene into the formal structures of popular culture, she now works on encounters between the work and codes of actors and the critical and formal tools of contemporary art, layering cultural references to create complex installations.
Her films and theatrical mises-en-scène have recently been presented at the Lyon Biennale 2003 and the Whitney Biennial 2004.
Edited by Beatrix Ruf, Karola Grässlin, Susanne Titz.
Texts by Karola Grasslin, Beatrix Ruf, Susanne Titz, Sebastian Egenhofer, Catherine Sullivan, Nicholas Baume, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Ford, Anne Pontégnie.
Co-edition with JRP|Ringier.
Co-production with Kunsthalle Zurich, Neue Aachener Kunstverein and Kunstverein Braunschweig.
published in 2006
texts in English and French
23,8 x 28,6 cm (softcover with dust jacket)
160 pages (80 colour & 40 b/w illustrations)
40.00 20.00
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ISBN : 978-2-84066-190-0
EAN : 9782840661900
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Film and Theater Works Film and Theater Works Film and Theater Works Film and Theater Works

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