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Tote Rennen Lieder (CD)

Selten Gehörte Musik - Tote Rennen Lieder (CD)
Fifth part in the Selten Gehörte Musik reissue series: recordings by Dieter Roth and Oswald Wiener, at Mosfellssveit, Iceland, from May 28 to 30, 1976.
Released in LP gatefold-sleeve (reproduction of the original) with printed card innersleeve.br>
Limited edition of 500 copies.
“‘Selten Gehörte Musik' [rarely heard music] developed from our ‘artists' workshops' in which an intimate circle of friends met together at loose intervals to talk, eat, drink and collaborate on artistic projects. the aim of the workshops was to create a fruitful intensity over a period of several days {and nights) which, without being restricted to any one field of the arts, fostered creative production of a totally pleasure-oriented kind. (…) During a subsequent visit of Dieter Roth to Berlin, the desire for a joint musical event was kindled (…) There followed an uninterrupted two-day session which spawned the record 3 Berliner Dichterworkshop [3rd Poetry Wworkshop, Berlin] (12./13. 7. 1973) / Roth, Rühm, Wiener, for which we invented the ‘brand name' Selten Gehoerte Musik. (…) In 1974 we decided it was no longer enough to produce our ‘rarely heard music' simply in order to document it on a record, we had to combine the recording with a public performance. (…) We accepted an invitation to perform in Munich in May 1974, this time with five of us: Günter Brus, Hermann Nitsch, Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm and Oswald Wiener.”
Gerhard Rühm, Some data on ‘Selten Gehörte Musik'
published in May 2017
fullcolour 12'' LP gatefold-sleeve, printed 12'' innersleeve
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