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Diary of a Leap Year

Rabih Mroué - Diary of a Leap Year
In Diary of a Leap Year, Lebanese artist produces 366 daily collages from political newspapers in Lebanon and the Arab World, as a protest to the violence taking place in this region.
Published on the occasion of Rabih Mroué's exhibition “Between Two Battles”, Kunsthalle Mainz, from November 11, 2016, to February 26, 2017.
Rabih Mroué (born 1967 in Beirut, lives and works in Hazmieh, Lebanon) is a Lebanese stage and film actor, playwright, and visual artist. Rooted in theater, his work includes videos and installation art; the latter sometimes incorporates photography, text and sculpture. Mroué's performances, although scripted, are designed to appear more like improvised works in progress, reflecting his continuing theme of inquiry, focused more on provoking thought than presenting spectacle. Mroué has written of his own work, “My works deal with issues that have been swept under the table in the current political climate of Lebanon.”
published in February 2017
bilingual edition (English / Arabic)
13,5 x 20 cm (softcover, cloth binding, dust jacket)
720 pages (366 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-614-8035-00-5
EAN : 9786148035005
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Diary of a Leap Year Diary of a Leap Year Diary of a Leap Year

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