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Apocalypse Rose (+ CD)

Charles Plymell / Bill Nace [see all titles]
Apocalypse Rose (+ CD) Charles Plymell / Bill Nace - Apocalypse Rose (+ CD)
An electrical poem by Charles Plymell first published in 1966 in Lawrence Ferlinghetti's City Lights Journal, with a CD on which Bill Nace plays a music inspired by his own reading of Apocalypse Rose.
“The Juke-box begins its song:
futuristic mirage blossoms
dimensions of accelerated fortune tellers
Leaving his coffee,
the boy from nowhere
dials any combination of numbers
on the telephone,
smiles under the beat
The night that shades his darkened eyes
unwinds into mistaken paradise.
Numbed with gravity
the son grows fainter.
Those closer to the earth
are last to go.
Image passed on streets long vacant.”
Writer, poet and published, nicknamed “The original hipster,” Charles Plymell (born 1935, Holcomb, Kansas) was a companion of the Beat Generation before leaving to tour the world. He now lives in Cherry Valley, where he founded the publishing house of the same name.

Bill Nace is a musician, visual artist and publisher. Since 2011 he is part of the musical duo Body/Head along with Kim Gordon. He heads the musical label Open Mouth, based in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Translated from the English (American) by Jean-Marie Flémal.
published in January 2016
bilingual edition (English / French)
10 x 15,5 cm (softcover)
44 pages + mini CD
ISBN : 979-10-94601-02-0
EAN : 9791094601020
in stock
Apocalypse Rose (+ CD) Apocalypse Rose (+ CD) Apocalypse Rose (+ CD) Apocalypse Rose (+ CD)

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