Bill Nace

Musician, visual artist and publisher Bill Nace plays guitar and is mostly involved in experimental, improvisational music. He has collaborated with an extraordinary range of musicians, including Michael Morley, Mats Gustafsson, Joe McPhee, Chris Corsano, Jooklo Duo, Chris Cooper, John Truscinski, Thurston Moore, Jake Meginsky, Jessica Rylan, Paul Flaherty, Wally Shoup, and Kim Gordon, with whom he regularly plays as one half of the duo Body/Head. He heads the musical label Open Mouth, based in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Bill Nace - Apocalypse Rose (+ CD)
bilingual edition (English / French)
Lenka lente
An electrical poem by Charles Plymell first published in 1966 in Lawrence Ferlinghetti's City Lights Journal, with a CD on which Bill Nace plays a music inspired by his own reading of Apocalypse Rose.

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