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Nothing in my pockets (book / 2 CD)

Laurie Anderson - Nothing in my pockets (book / 2 CD)
An intimate journey into the personal universe of the artist through a series of daily leaps: from her New York studio in Tribeca to the numerous travels and landscapes she crossed over a whole three month period.
Nothing In My Pockets was originally a sound diary conceived for French radio and was kept between July 4th and October 4th, 2003. In that new and innovative experimentation, Laurie Anderson unfolded her daily life as an artist, microwaved it and presented herself as more than a diarist: she became the electronic sound architect of her own existence. The sound diary that Laurie Anderson presents here (2 CD) also offers unpublished visual documents through the pages of a book.
American multimedia artist and musician Laurie Anderson (born 1947 in Glenn Ellyn, Illinois) is an essential figure of the New York artistic scene since the early 80's.
published in April 2009
English edition
16,5 x 21,5 cm (softcover)
64 pages (80 color & b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-914563-43-7
EAN : 9782914563437
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Nothing in my pockets (book / 2 CD) Nothing in my pockets (book / 2 CD) Nothing in my pockets (book / 2 CD)
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