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Richard Huelsenbeck - En avant dada
Richard Huelsenbeck's En avant dada is his first proclamation of Dada in Berlin, coinciding with the Dada Almanach (printed in Berlin in 1920, reprinted by Les Presses du réel in 2005), following his return from Zurich.
Richard Huelsenbeck (Carl Wilhelm Richard Hülsenbeck, 1892-1974) is the co-founder in 1916 of the Cabaret Voltaire and Zurich Dada with Hugo Ball, and the Berlin Dada with Raoul Hausmann.
published in 2000
French edition
11 x 17 cm (softcover)
80 pages
ISBN : 978-2-84066-045-3
EAN : 9782840660453
sold out

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