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Nina Canell, Robin Watkins - Mid-Sentence
Artist's book.
Composed of 64 found technical drawings of cables with corresponding textual content, “Mid-Sentence” is a small book that illustrates the inner engineering of the current. The flattened electricity and communication cables, along with the spliced text fragments and artist's notes, articulate a long-standing interest in the relationship between words and energy, communication and distance, absence and presence. “Cable stumps are cross-sections of a vocabulary of interruptions. A cut-off form. Ending mid-sentence.”
Testing the intimate intersection of audience, object and event, Nina Canell's sculptures have been described by curator Fredrik Liew as where “combinations of materials generates a vocabulary that summons up the imaginary.”
This book is published as an appendix to Canell's exhibition “Mid-Sentence” at Moderna Museet (2014), her first solo exhibition in Sweden.
Published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, September 2014 - January 2015.
Born 1979 in Växjö (Sweden), Nina Canell lives and works in Berlin. Her installations give concrete expression to the lightness and intangibility of the everyday. The natural materials she presents—water, stone, air, earth, wood, copper—are traversed by electric arcs and heat sources, giving rise to delicate, ephemeral physical reactions that reveal and underscore our innate relationship with our immediate environment. Her work has recently been shown at the Moderna Museet (Stockholm), the Camden Arts Centre (London), the Sydney Biennial, at MoMA and the Swiss Institute (New York), and at the 13th Lyon Biennale.
Born 1980 in Stockholm, Robin Watkins lives and works in Berlin.
published in November 2014
English edition
15 x 23 cm (no cover)
80 pages (64 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-943514-30-8
EAN : 9783943514308
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Mid-Sentence Mid-Sentence Mid-Sentence Mid-Sentence Mid-Sentence Mid-Sentence Mid-Sentence
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